I consider myself an artist and an artisan. I've been involved in music, theater, performance, video, film, design and fabrication for the past 35 years.  Beginning as a teacher and a musician in Bologna, Italy where I was born, I became involved in theater performance with a musical/ theater street band and later co-founded the Centro Teatrale Roselle.  

Since moving to SF in 1984   by way of Barcelona, Spain, where I was playing with Fura del Baus, I have   collaborated locally with many experimental theater groups including SOON 3, Antenna Theater, Life on the Water and Bill Talen, Nina Wise, Kronos Quartet, Debra Slater Dancing Company, The Magic Theater and in Europe with I Giardini Pensili.  My work in video and theater ranges from the New Music Theater to MTV to the set for "Columbus on Trial" with Culture Clash directed by Lourdes Portillo.  I also designed several art installations including one piece commissioned by the city of SF as a protest against the first Gulf war.

My work has been   described as "sculptural and harmoniously mechanical", employing geometric forms inspired by the elements of nature.   Most recently I collaborated on several multi-media projects with Joan Jeanrenaud including 'Metamorphosis' and 'Ice Cello' for   her Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Residency in 2001-02 and 'In Between' with Joan Jeanrenaud and Tom Bonauro at San Francisco's Brava Theater in 2003. Also I continue to design living spaces   remodel interiors and fabricate custom made furniture, odd and unusual objects and experimental physical therapy prototypes machines.

The next project due next year will be "Aria" already funded by Creative Capital. The theme will concern the vital importance of air for our planet, and include ta musical composition (by Jeanrenaud), an "aria" infact. It will involve the creation and use of different video projections on textured surfaces, a floating cello, and electronic processed permanent sounds.